Overture Line



  • Innovative design
  • Rotating aluminum louvers
  • Hand or electric motion mechanism


The Ouverture covering is the perfect choice when the simple sunblind is not enough to protect and enhance in the meanwhile the outdoor living areas, such as gardens, attics, pergolas, gazebo and verandas, both in private and business contexts, because it allows the control of sunlight-shading and air-ventilation level.

The opportunity of rotating the louvers up to 120° offers important advantages in comparison to othr kind of coverings, such as wood, textiles or tiles of any kind:

  • Regulating the intensity of sunlight, essentiali in any setting;
  • Opening themo only partly in the sunny months, in order to obtain a natural ventilation and keep a pleasant temperature in the sun, shading the area if necessary;
  • Assuring brightness to the adjoining rooms during the cold months, and lowering the indirect solar radiation that usually increases the intense heat of the internal spaces during the summer months.

Materials characterizing this high quality solution assure a regular performance even after some years, needing low maintenance if compared to the wood pergolas; besides, aluminium gives stiffness to the structure, granting a good resistance to loads coming for example from above (in comparison to simple sunblinds).


  1. Side cover
  2. Axle
  3. Frame
  4. Spacer
  5. Louver / blade
  6. Blade cap
  7. Motor axle
  8. Control bar
  9. Fixing hardware


Ouverture can be combined with a huge range of custom-made solutions and structures, according to the specific living situation, made of wood, aluminium, iron and brick; either, the made-to-measure and the modular options meet the customers demand reaching high quality results from both the aesthetic and the functional point of view.

The system is composed by rotating extruded aluminium louvers, which are 220 mm. high, properly studied to provide effective drainage of water thanks to a guttering and to an optional EPDM gasket; the louvers, usually provided up to a 3250 mm. length for single sector, can be strengthened through special stiffening profiles, in order to lengthen the span, but it they can also be put side by side thanks to a special central profile, to create multiple sectors. The installation of the louvers parallel to the wall is advisable.

The system provides two extruded aluminium upright profiles, realized to hold the complete motion mechanism (electric motor, either) and to support two side guttering, if required, to help the effective drainage of rainwater.

The basic Ouverture system can be combined with special brackets and/or pillars, water channels, other aluminium profiles, led lighting, vertical fixed or moving closing solution operated through an electric motor or by the hand held mechanism, devices to survey rain, snow and wind.

The simplicity of the proposed solution, joined with the experience developed throughout the years in planning and manufacturing high quality custom-made do-it-yourself products, give the opportunity of purchasing Ouverture both as a mounting kit or completely installed.


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Pensilina A-BEY

Pensilina autoportante in alluminio verniciata RAL 9005 con lastra in Pmma oppure Policarbonato Alveolare Uv Prt colore NEUTRO. Misura unica disponibile mm. 1200 x 970 sporgenza. Fornita in KIT di MONTAGGIO. In pronta consegna salvo venduto.

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 Integrated solution that provides versatility, freedom of design, shading, covering, insulation, easy installation and energy production; lighter than the heavy glass panels or photovoltaic modules, resulting in savings in time and cost of installation; can be used with support structures in aluminum / steel lighter than those required by the glass, resulting in cost savings of material and transportation; versatility of use, also curved, replacing the normal roofing sheets where exposure to the sun renders it efficacious.