Tunnel lily

Singular solution characterized by a Lily – like supporting structure created to protect gates, entry phones and letter boxes in the presence of a central wall. The small dimensions help its use where the installation of an overhanging covering is not allowed. The complete system provides aluminium profiles together with the covering sheets, the lengthwise holding profiles and the Lily - like supporting brackets.This system can be bought even in the “do it yourself” version or completely assembled.
Made of aluminium (BLACK or SILVER anodised aluminium – RAL coating 9010 White / 6005 green / 8017 brown / 3003 red / 5010 bleu / 7016 and 7001 grey); Pmma / Solid UV Polycarbonate covering sheets (CLEAR / WHITE/ transparent BROWN colours).


lily 3/1
up to 1000
A/2 ca.
lily 3/2
from 1001 to 1500

measures in mm.  -  max distance between arches mm.1000 ca  -  L=max distance between lily support arches

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Pensilina A-BEY

Pensilina autoportante in alluminio verniciata RAL 9005 con lastra in Pmma oppure Policarbonato Alveolare Uv Prt colore NEUTRO. Misura unica disponibile mm. 1200 x 970 sporgenza. Fornita in KIT di MONTAGGIO. In pronta consegna salvo venduto.

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 Integrated solution that provides versatility, freedom of design, shading, covering, insulation, easy installation and energy production; lighter than the heavy glass panels or photovoltaic modules, resulting in savings in time and cost of installation; can be used with support structures in aluminum / steel lighter than those required by the glass, resulting in cost savings of material and transportation; versatility of use, also curved, replacing the normal roofing sheets where exposure to the sun renders it efficacious.